Written and created by Dennis O’Neill

© Copyright 2013

TAGLINE: Everybody’s got a Story.

LOGLINE: When the mob is against you and your NYPD captain no longer has your back...things change. NYPD detective, Jimmy O’Neill, finds solace, excitement,

in addition, a new career in Fort Worth, Texas, helps his uncle Charlie with his failing Bail Bonds Business. Jimmy recruits his NYPD friends to come to Ft. Worth and together they all bring their own style and New York hi-jinx ways to the laid-back streets of Cow Town.

SYNOPSIS: Former street thug and petty mobster, Jimmy O’Neill, eventually sees the light after falling in love with Mob Boss, Sam Cappelletti’s daughter, Katherine. Wanting to start a new life with Katherine, Jimmy turns his life around. He begins a new career and joins the NYPD.  This does not sit well with Sam.  When Jimmy asks Sam for Katherine’s hand in marriage, Sam tells Jimmy he is not to see Katherine ever again.  Jimmy leaves Cappelletti’s house in disbelief.  Walking the rainy, streets of Brooklyn, Jimmy struggles with his loss.  As he passes a church, Jimmy hears music, realizing it is open; he stops in to get out of the rain.  He has an awakening that night.  Years later, on a minor, drug stakeout, with his partner Marty, Jimmy rescues a young woman, being man handled by New York City Councilman, Joe Esposito, who is also tied to the mob.  Jimmy tells him to let her go.  Esposito refuses, saying “don’t you know who I am?” Joe throws a punch. Blocking it, Jimmy knocks Esposito out.  Next day, Jimmy’s NYPD, Captain wants him to sign a letter of apology. He refuses.  Frustrated with the pressure of his past, Jimmy accepts his Uncle Charlie’s offer to take a leave of absence and a trip to Texas to help with his failing bail bonds business. Enjoying his new life, Jimmy becomes a Private Detective.  NYPD partner, Marty, joins him.  Together they learn what hominy grits, biscuits and gravy, fried okra and “How Ya’ll Doin’ “ is.  

Without a letter of apology and what he knows about them from his past, the mob is now hot on Jimmy’s heels.  They come to Fort Worth with a contract out on his life.  News came that Sam Cappelletti died of a sudden “heart attack.”  Jimmy goes back to NY to get his first love, Katherine back.  However, Sam’s cousin Carmine takes over as the “Don” of the five families.  Carmine is more ruthless than Sam could ever be.  Carmine tells Jimmy he will not see Katherine.  Once again rejected, he returns to Ft. Worth, back at the dirty, disorganized, Bail Bonds office with his sometimes grumpy, hypochondriac but lovable uncle Charlie, who tells Jimmy that he knows a guy, who knows a guy who knows where Hoffa is in Texas. He wants Jimmy to find him.  Uncle Charlie also claims to have documented sightings of Elvis, James Dean and…well, you get the picture.  This serious but zany dramedy heads off into uncharted waters.  2000 miles does not separate him from his past.  Jimmy’s drastic change –from the streets of New York to the pastures of Fort Worth.  This “fish out of water,” new P.I. business and freelancing as a bounty hunter keeps him on his toes and one-step ahead of his past.  Also starring is, TERRY KISER (Weekend at Bernie’s star) as Marty Napolitano, Marshall Teague (Mike Connelly, Road House) Nick Mancuso (Viper, TV show) Burton Gilliam (Blazing Saddles),  (Nellie Sciutto (Shutter Island) World Boxing Champion, PAULIE AYALA (as himself) and Travis Lutter (UFC Champ)


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